Thursday, 7 February 2013

Taking Work Home Again #3

Taking Work Home Again #2

Taking Work Home Again #1

A while ago, I wrote a short-short story called Working From Home. It's totally fictional, but set in a real place: Ancoats' backstreet garage Blossom Motor Co, which occupies a space between Gun Street and Henry Street, just near the corner with Blossom Street. I liked the name, and took a photo, and the story grew from that. Once I'd written it, I printed out the story and sent it with a proper letter (remember them?) to the boss of Blossom, having already telephoned to ascertain the full postal address. The same day, I read the tale at the Bad Language spoken word night in the Northern Quarter, thus cementing it in literary history. A month later, I popped into the garage to see if the letter had arrived, but the boss was off, and I still don't know. Oh well. I've since rewritten the story and renamed it Taking Work Home Again, and this incarnation was recently published on the excellent Thick Jam flash fiction site here. I am currently in the process of an even newer version, cutting it down so my "band" Les Malheureux can perform it at our next gig, at the end of the month.